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Why Us?
  • We believe we are here to protect your asset(s), help you build wealth and facilitate the leasing process on your behalf.

  • Repairs can be an area of concern for any investor. All property management companies have levels in which they make repairs on your behalf. The difference that sets BlackRoc Property Management apart is that we call you on every repair to inform you that we have a repair so the first time you are hearing of it is not when you receive your monthly owner statement and your account is short. Some repairs require a bid and others we facilitate right away to get the issue resolved. Either way we let you know.

  • We do not add additional fees to the owners such as fees to make repairs to the property or additional percentages added to your invoices explained as coordination of contractors.

  • We do not add additional fees to prospective residents such as administrative fees on leases ($200-$400) or monthly administrative fees monthly (4%-6%). These are not value added fees to you or your property. These potentially slow down the renting process for you when the prospective residents see these fees while receiving no benefit.

  • We do not add fees to prospective residents for making repairs ($25-$100 per Repair). All this does is prevent the resident from calling any repairs and could lead to serious damage to property such as mold from water leaks.

  • Your property is never placed on the market until it has been cleaned this includes landscaping. Putting on properties which are dirty or in need of repairs actually cost you potential good renters.

  • We pay our owners electronically on the 12th of every month unless the 12th falls on a weekend or holiday then we pay on the next business day. The electronic transfer takes 3 business days to be deposited into your account, depending on your financial institution.

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